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Joe Germuska
At 4:05 PM -0700 5/4/05, Michael Jouravlev wrote:
>No, it compiles. But does not... well, did not run. Stupid, stupid, stupid me.
>There IS chain-config.xml in 1.3, but in core\conf\share. Should not
>it be moved (or copied) to org\apache\struts\chain where ActionServlet
>looks it up by default?

The maven build process does the copying.  I do kind of thing that
"conf/share" is a legacy of our older build strategy, and it would be
clearer to use "src/resource" in the standard maven approach.

But then, we've been changing lots of things a lot, and I'm happy to
let it be while its working (especially since I don't have a lot of
time myself to make it work at the moment...)

In any case, the intention is definitely to pack the XML in the JAR
so that most people don't have to think about it at all -- if we've
failed, we should fix it.


>On 5/4/05, rmanchu <[hidden email]> wrote:
>>  hi. i compiled with ant, no problems.
>>  ps: do u have build_tests.xml? did not get it in my download, so cannot
>>  run junit tests.
>>  riyaz
>>  Michael Jouravlev wrote:
>>  > I checked out 1.3 from svn, compiled it and tried to run. Apparently,
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