[REPORT] Apache Tiles March 2017

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[REPORT] Apache Tiles March 2017

Report from the Apache Tiles Project

## Description:
 Apache Tiles is a free open-sourced templating framework for Java
applications. Based upon the Composite pattern it is built to simplify
the development of user interfaces.

## Activity:
 Apache Tiles remains a stable but low traffic project.

This quarter there has been a little more public activity. A couple of
fixes. A couple of improvements and upgrades. And more community
involvement. No releases were cut, but one is now warranted.

 Responsiveness on the ML dropped this quarter.

## Health report:
 There are currently two responsive PMC, other PMC help out with votes
when needed.  Everyone is aware of the how little momentum the project
has, but it does not feel abandoned by members, nor not in use by the
public. There is room to add another committer to the project.

## Issues
 Further effort is required to increase health to the project.
Previous board report received feedback on what such effort might be.
This remains unaddressed by the community, although a new individual is
contributing patches.
Past ideas remain: from including the StackExchange traffic, following
on some of the development ideas, to publicity and engagement with other
communities that have more momentum in the UI space.