[ANNOUNCE] Tiles Master 7 test build available

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[ANNOUNCE] Tiles Master 7 test build available


The test build of Tiles Master 7 is available.

No determination as to the quality ('alpha,' 'beta,' or 'GA') of Tiles
Master 7 has been made, and at this time it is simply a "test build". We
welcome any comments you may have, and will take all feedback into
account if a quality vote is called for this build.

Release notes:

 - build with minimum version of jdk 1.8
 - compile to compiler and target 1.7
 - updated all other maven plugins to latest versions

Maven 2 staging repository:

 * https://repository.apache.org/content/repositories/tiles-1011

A vote regarding the quality of this test build will be initiated

*Note* that this does not effort any of the Tiles projects (autotag,
request, framework) directly. Once a vote has passed it only makes Tiles
Master 7 available to use by them.